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Torani - The Fashion studio

             Torani is a Delhi-based clothing label headed by Karan Torani who draws inspiration from motifs, Urdu calligraphy and other elements that are part of the Sindhi culture. The brief, thus, was to use these as stylistic cues, taking care that they would not overshadow his sartorial creations. It also required everything unfinished and antique from the floor to the walls and ceiling. The design team took note of classical design elements reminiscent of Sindhi architecture such as domes and curvilinear arches. The material palette mainly consists of grey micro-topped concrete, antique-finish mild steel and clear looking mirror with real tree bark texture.

The store is compact with ample ceiling height. The hanging displays are separated at intervals by accessories displays and looking mirrors. This allows segregation by colour, style and gender. The spatial programme creates an impression of a story unwinding while one is walking around. The walls create a canvas of beautiful, earthy and grainy textured paint, reinforced by concrete micro-topping on the floor. The display stands are bare metal and, in case of accessories, with white marble stone. The knobs are cast in the shape of the logo of the brand. At the heart of the store stands a bare tree with brass bells of various style suspended with saffron thread — reminiscent of rituals that are deeply rooted in the Indian culture.

The biggest challenge was attaining a balance between an airy feel and an optimum number of garments for financial viability. Additionally, the thin (six-inch) partition walls between stores did not allow any support for suspended fixtures. The third most troubling challenge was the short (15-day) timeline!