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Mina Bunglow - Vadodara

Mina Residence - Vadodara

Situated in the urban settings of the Bhayli area in the city of Vadodara - "Mina" is a 3bhk bungalow which is owned by Mr.Patel. It is a bungalow of 1600 square feet still it was the requirement of the client to make an overall contemporary theme keeping in mind the spaciousness factor through turnkey solutions.

The motive for designing the interior of this bungalow was simply to bring a simple and sober look. Previously, while setting a foot into the living area, a wall had an ugly offset which made the room look very weird. Whereas the beams of the room were also very heighted. But according to Mr. Shahid Patel, he only believes in providing a room with more possible height no matter any hindrances come in between. So the beams were covered through a pelmet and a design for the ceiling was created in such a way by the interior designers that the beams appeared as a part of the design of the ceiling. The pelmet that was created served dual functions i.e. hiding the unwanted parts of the furnishings as well as emitting light for the artefacts on the wall. And a false wall through panelling was created to secret the offset of the walls.

The master bedroom is designed as simple as possible keeping in mind the contemporary theme of the house by the interior decorators. The bed is given specifically a teak wood border which has a 45 degree groove design whereas the same thing is utilized as the opening of the bed storage. The side boxes of the bed are given glasses on the top keeping in mind the maintenance factor. The major change made in this room was that there was a window on the wall where the bed is placed in the present image. The window was wrongly placed according to vastu shastra as well as it came in as an obstacle for the designers to place the bed. Thus, the window was closed without civil changes through panelling. Left with the designing of the wardrobes, so where everything was created very much simple, the designers thought to give a unique look to the wardrobe that would be served as the centre of attraction of the room. Thus the handles of the wardrobes were differently designed using teak wood were as a niche was given to give a pinch of beauty to the viewer.

The entire project was handled gracefully keeping in mind all the requirements of the client as well as overcoming all the hurdles coming while being designed.

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