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Al Azra - Sharjah, UAE

Al Azra - Sharjah, UAE

Al Azra is a proposal for a Luxury villa located in Sharjah, UAE. The proposal emphasises on the form of the house, as it tries to locate itself in this Mid Size piece of land (According to UAE residential). This was our second exploration with walls and masses in a residence The non-parallel walls become the key structure element, and the spaces to be inhabited, becoming masses that puncture through the walls. The formation of these walls create unique experiences throughout the house, as in some spaces the walls diverge while in others they converge. Hence, in some views, one sees a space that is similar to a court, while in other views one sees the walls opening up to a vista. The north side of the masses are more open as compared to the southern ones, hence creating a sense of direction the house faces.

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