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Al Aswad - Vadodara

"Al Aswad" is a residence flat of 1200 sq.ft. situated in the urban settings of the city Vadodara. It is an honest attempt by our interior designers to create the best out of all and makes each and every space look huge through overall turnkey solutions.

On giving a first glance to the residence, providing all the turnkey solutions, the safety grill of the house is specifically designed by our interior designers in a geometrical pattern which also gives a feel of nature as the pattern includes flower-like structures. While the main door is beautifully designed giving 45 degrees groove patterns which are simple yet elegant. Stepping into the foyer area, the textured wall on the left with a unique photo frame gives more power to its simplicity. Furthermore, the living area was completely designed by the interior decorators in the hues of brown to develop a rhythm for the whole area. The wall behind the sofa had a simple copper dented plate with a teak wood pattern that pleases the eyes of the viewer. Pelmets were created in this area to conceal the ugly beams and make the area look more captivating. To make the TV placement exactly opposite to the sitting area as well as to cover a part of the unwanted opening towards the kitchen, a partition was designed by our interior designers using only wooden logs that would blend with the overall theme of the area as well as also serve the function of holding the TV. This partition was designed in such a way that the dining area, as well as the kitchen was still visible from the living area and thus the area did not seem small. As the chief pattern in this area went geometric, to add liveliness to the area a group of different sized hexagons was designed and hung on a wall that had planters fixed beneath.

Going ahead towards the kitchen, the whole area is made up of tints of olive green as well as brown which makes space look elegant. The niche created in the service table comes to be as a center of attraction of the area.

Meandering through the living area, we halt at the guest room where the room is kept simple giving a cera sheet back for the bed with balanced groove patterns whereas as per the requirement of both wardrobe and study table in such a small room, a study table is designed by the interior designers attached to the wardrobe which fulfills both the requirement together.

The master bedroom follows the muted contemporary feel as for the rest of the house. The overall room has hues which merge into one another so that a small space such as this can be visible as huge as a master bedroom. In spite of having a window where the bed is to be placed, a creative bed back is designed by our interior designers wherein a pipe is suspended from the ceiling that passes through the bed on which pillows are hung serving the purpose of a bed back. To add beauty to the room a console is designed opposite the bed where there is a photo frame that makes the overall feel of the room pleasurable.

The teenager's room is created again with merged hues but to give a bold look as it is for a teenager, a different hue is added to the bed back which is eye-catching as someone enters into it. To make the feel of the room cheerful, an art print is done on the wall behind the bed as well as our interior decorators have tried to design the bed back which comes out to be the most unique element of the room. Having no space for the side tables as well as the wardrobe, still the interior designers were able to provide both of them by smartly designing a niche in the wardrobe that gets connected to the side table beside the bed.

The entire project was completed peacefully fulfilling each and every requirement of the client with overall turnkey solutions.

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