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Makeover Design

Makeover is an interior design studio based in Vadodara, India, operating in the fields of interior design, architecture and planning. The studio was founded in 2016 by Shahid Gandawala – engineer, and alumni of MSU. Makeover currently employs a full-time staff of 4 architects and interior designers, in addition to long-standing collaborative relationships with a number of consultants and agencies from allied fields; together, these teams help us achieve a precise execution of the assignment at hand.

Makeover is the Hindi term for ‘badlav’. At Makeover, we believe that good design follows strong concepts, and concepts evolve as cohesive responses to multiple factors. Our design approach has two layers to it: firstly, understanding the requirements of the clients and devising a programmed that addresses them; and secondly, conceptualizing and detailing in line with those requirements. As a result, our design vocabulary is diverse, contextual and driven by client’s needs with each of our works maintaining a distinct identity despite overlap in typology. Makeover especially focusses on economic and material sustainability, keeping the project cost low and optimizing available resources to stay true to the original design intent.

With the addition of new architects and designers we are now stepping into the next phase of our practice – expanding, diversifying and streamlining in tune with the sensibilities and requirements of a rapidly expanding clientele. Makeover – under the ambit of its Architecture, Design, Foundation, Labs and Urbanism domains – is addressing the larger concerns of urban impact and environmental sustainability through the newer additions to its extensive portfolio.

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